Best Friends Quilt

Best Friends Quilt
 Showing off another little quilt I made years ago that never posted about. (Hence the older photos) This quilt was an experiment, as usual. That's one of the things I love about sewing. Experimenting! Sometimes things turn out well sometimes not. I love how this one turned out but I was very skeptical at first. I challenged myself to choose 2 colors and use mostly old fabrics that I didn't like anymore or thought I'd never use.  I chose pinks for the lights and browns for the darks.

How to Sew a Prom Dress - Simplicity 8289

Hello sewing friends!  Prom season is upon us again and it's time to start thinking about what pattern to choose if you are making a dress. I thought it would be fun to share the prom dress I made for my daughter a few of years ago. I've been sitting on this post for a while but I'll just post the following as it was written when it was fresh...

Sewing Book Review: 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Cover image - 15 Minutes of Play by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
I love color, deep rich beautiful colors. When I was introduced to the work of Victoria Findlay Wolfe at Quilt Beach  quilt show I fell in love with her quilts. I love her randomly beautiful color choices and her technique of playing with the fabric until something interesting emerges.

Big Kid Face Mask - Free Pattern

Hello Sewing Friends!! I don't know about you but it is high time we refreshed our handmade masks over here. My littlest grew out of his small masks so I created a free pattern for one that is just the right size for big kids who don't quite fit into adult sized masks yet. 

Sew Your Scraps Challenge - Sew 15 Minutes a Day!

Sew your scraps - Sewing Challenge - 15 minutes a day

New year, new sewing goals! Come join me in my #sew15minutesaday sewing challenge. 

Modest Fix for a Party Dress

Here's a pretty and modest fix for a fancy party dress that shows a little too much cleavage.  I think it's WAAAAY better than throwing a camisole underneath. Come see how I fixed this dress and what I learned along the way!

Mer's Fabulous Chiffon Party Skirt

DIY Chiffon Holiday Party Skirt
The weekend before Christmas one year we dropped everything to make Meredith a new skirt.  Because even big girls gotta have something fancy to wear for Christmas, right?Here's the story on Meredith's fabulous party skirt...

Christmas Crafternoon: Christmas Cookie Countdown

Christmas countdown, Christmas cookie advent calendar

One of the things I love about holidays is making crafts with my kids.  One year I brought home a bunch of fun stuff to use on our Christmas Crafternoons. We were in need of a simple new Christmas count down so we made one out of paper.  I'm sharing the details so you can make one too!

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving garland in front of a windo
I pulled out the Thanksgiving decorations! I'm always such a decorating procrastinator.   I discovered a garland I made last year that I wanted to show you.  After all you can't have a holiday without a little crafty garland hanging somewhere, right?

Happy Pie Day!

HAppy Pie day

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is Pie Day! The day we make all the pies. Do you call it this too? We are traveling today and sadly not making pies but I like to look at the pictures of pies we've made previous years.  This Lemon Merengue Pie is THE BEST. I'm sharing my grandma's recipe in my newsletter on Monday so if you aren't a subscriber, now's your chance to sign up.